Play Padel Acedemy

Play Padel Acedemy

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A community of active minds and bodies.

Play Padel is the way of staying active, building a community, and creating healthy habits.

Padel is a fresh and upcoming sport that has taken over in recent times. They offer courts for those who wish to be a part of friendly competitions and enhance their physical and mental abilities. Padel is a sport similar to tennis in its function but differs in its rules and regulations.

Through Play Padel, we provide services to fit their client’s needs. By installing the court, renting out an existing space, or joining private PT sessions with one of the coaches, clients will receive a service that is both exciting and communal. With two members on each side of the court, this sport encourages sportsmanship, teamwork, and a passion for self-improvement as well as staying active.

They are a team of highly trained, highly dedicated individuals who are passionate about sharing a court with other like-minded people. 

Building a community we are passionate about. 
Be a part of it.

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Working Hours:

Saturday to Friday9 AM – 2 AM